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Saudi Arabia allows residents with valid visas to travel back home

Saudi Arabia will allow residents with valid visas to travel back to their home countries.

Saudi Arabia is going to issue tourist visas on late September

Sources say visas will be open to citizens of about 50 countries and will have a 90-day duration.

FAQs About Saudi Arabia

Frequently Asked Question about Saudi Arabia

Useful Links about Life & Work in Saudi Arabia

Learn more about life & work in Saudi Arabia

Mouwasat Medical Services: State of the art hospital facilities

Mouwasat Medical Services was Founded in 1975 and its Capital amounts to 500 million Saudi Riyals (~133 million US dollars).

Working visit of Eurosynapses to Saudi Arabia

One of our core principles at Eurosynapses is always keeping the people we work with at the centre of our activities and attention.

Extensive press coverage for KSA Ministry of Health Recruitment Trip in Athens

As many of you have been informed through our website, newsletters and social media accounts, Eurosynapses is organizing a recruitment trip on behalf of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia in Athens on 16 and 17 December 2017

Eurosynapses on Alpha TV

Following the extensive press coverage for KSA Ministry of Health Recruitment Trip in Athens the previous days, with more than 35 International and Local News Agencies covering the issue, Eurosynapses received an invitation to participate in a TV news show on Alpha TV, one of the top channels in Greece.

New Requirements for SCFHS Classification and Registration

Starting 01/01/2018 and onwards, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) has changed the process and the regulations under which Medical Practioners will be able to work and practice their specialty in Saudi Arabia.