Working visit of Eurosynapses to Saudi Arabia

One of our core principles at Eurosynapses is always keeping the people we work with at the centre of our activities and attention.

In this context, we focus our efforts on keeping open communication channels with the heads of the organizations that we work with in the destination countries, in order to ensure the best possible working conditions for the medical, nursing and technical staff, which with help working there.

A few weeks ago, Eurosynapses organized a working visit to Saudi Arabia, the base for many important healthcare providers that we have been working closely with for years.

The program of the visit included meetings with senior officials from the Ministry of Health, which, in exclusive cooperation with Eurosynapses, is organizing recruitment trips in Greece with tremendous success.

Already, dozens of Greek doctors work successfully in hospitals in the Ministry of Health across the country, and in a few days a new recruitment visit will take place.

Are you interested in participating?

At the same time, the Eurosynapses’ executives had the chance to meet with representatives of King Saud Medical City, a strategic partner of Eurosynapses in the Middle East, with hundreds of successful collaborations concerning Greek doctors and nurses.

However, the most pleasant moments of the visit were undoubtedly the meetings with Greek doctors and nurses who are currently employed in Saudi Arabia with our help. There is nothing better than seeing the people you work with smiling, satisfied and achieving their goals.

We pledge to them, as well as to all our new partners, that we shall continue putting our best efforts in supporting them in every possible way and being present after their placement at their new workplaces.

Thank you for your trust!

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