New Requirements for SCFHS Classification and Registration

Dear Medical Practitioners,

Starting 01/01/2018 and onwards, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) has changed the process and the regulations under which Medical Practioners will be able to work and practice their specialty in Saudi Arabia. The new procedure makes it necessary for all medical staff to complete the process and steps described below prior to their departure. Of course, our candidates that are already working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and need to complete this process in order to acquire their Medical Licence can also contact us to seek for help in completing these necessary steps.

The steps that need to be taken are:

  1. Doctors need to sign up for an account with SCFHS through the Mumaris Platform (
  2. After the registration on the Mumaris platform, doctors need to sign in to their account and apply for an Eligibility Number. During this process they will have to fill in details regarding their educational and professional background and upload all relevant documents on the platform in order to complete the application process. All documents need to be translated in English in order for SCFHS officials to evaluate them and give the Eligibility number.
  3. With the Eligibility Number ID from SCFHS, candidates must Sign Up (Register) for an account on Data Flow in order to submit the documents requested by SCFHS for Primary Source Verifcation (
  4. Specialist Level Doctors (Registrar and Senior Registrar) are required to also sign up for a Prometric Test in their specialty following the instructions in the company’s website ( with the same Eligibility Number ID. If the test for their specialty is not available in Greece, the test will be given in written after their arrival in the KSA (PROMETRIC TEST EXAMINATION IS AT THE MOMENT NOT APPLICABLE TO CONSULTANTS).

We remain at your disposal for any further inquires! Please do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact form or by email at .

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