Extensive press coverage for KSA Ministry of Health Recruitment Trip in Athens

As many of you have been informed through our website, newsletters and social media accounts, Eurosynapses is organizing a recruitment trip on behalf of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia in Athens on 16 and 17 December 2017

The aim of the trip is to hire doctors who are interested in working in the public hospitals of the country.

In the era of the Internet news spread really fast and our project did not go unnoticed by the vast majority of online media outlets.

More than 35 International and Local News Agencies, including all major news websites in Greece, covered the story extensively:

The news about the trip were met with enthusiasm by the vast majority of MDs, but also other healthcare professionals.

The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia in exclusive collaboration with Eurosynapses is offering unique job opportunities in KSA.

Are you interested in participating in the coming interviews?

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