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Job Description

Job Description: 

The Specialist Radiologist is fully responsible for providing high standard of diagnostic & therapeutic including interventional care, support and expertise in the assessment, investigation, diagnosis and treatment of patients in the area of radiology and related specialty. The Consultant Radiologists are required to be involved in the continuous quality improvement activities of the department as well as in hospital to achieve the goals of hospital.

Organization Relationships :

  • Reports to : Medical Director ER through Head of Department
  • Responsible for : Patients under care of specialty in the ward/ unit.
  • Liaises With : Medical, Nursing and Administrative Staff, Patients/ families

Duties and responsibilities

  • Responsible for the medical/surgical care of the admitted patients in his/ her department or under his/ her consultant.
  • Responsible for managing the assigned clinics (if asked by the management) as per the approved rota by the Head of the Department and Medical Director.
  • Responsible for initial assessment, requesting investigation, analyzing the rest results, diagnosis, treatment, and re-assessment as per the provided privileges and upon consulting his/ her consultant.
  • Prescribe or administer therapy, medication, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness or disease as per the granted privileges.
  • Responsible for monitoring the patients’ condition, and progress in each shift and should inform his/ her consultant.
  • Pay daily independent rounds in each shift for all the admitted patients in the department and under his/ her consultant in any other department.
  • Responsible to accompany the consultants in their rounds and assist in all surgical procedures.
  • Write the patients complete medical record on time and also update the progress notes at the same time.
  • Authenticate and sign the medical record/ progress notes with date, time and employee ID number.
  • Perform diagnostic or therapeutic procedures for which he/ she is specifically privileged according to his/ her qualification, training & experience.
  • Responsible for writing the Discharge Summaries and Medical Reports of his/ her department/unit.
  • Responsible to attend the Code Blue and should be involved in all other emergency codes of the hospital.
  • Responsible to implement all the approved policies and procedures, rules, regulations, protocols and guidelines/ clinical pathways that guide and support the provision of clinical services.
  • Direct and coordinate activities of nurses, therapists, and residents in patient care.
  • Responsible to be involved in the continuous quality improvement activities of his/ her department.
  • Serve on Departmental / Hospital Committees as requested.
  • Ensure that Islamic Values and Medical Ethics are respected and strictly observed.
  • Maintain a high standard of professional care in accordance with the International / National Healthcare Standards
  • Obtain informed consent for all patients in accordance with hospital policy for the undertaking of any diagnostic procedure, operation, test or procedure.
  • Provide reports and information as required by the Consultant/ Head of Department.
  • Play an active role in the education of the patient and his/ her family on a healthy lifestyle. Contributes to awareness and education of the community, in general, on issues related to health.
  • Perform other applicable task and duties assigned within the realm of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities.
Job Requirements: 
  • Graduate of Medical School, recognized by the Medical Council of the country of origin.
  • Completion of appropriate internship and residency programs.
  • Post-graduation qualifications in the specialty.
  • Membership, Fellowship and/or Board Certification in the respective specialty.
  • Relevant licence from the country of origin, acceptable to Saudi Commission for Health Specialty and Ministry of Health.
  • At least three (3) years of practice in his / her specialty after obtaining the higher degree In a Tertiary Care Hospital
  • Sub-specialty degree or structured sub-specialty training preferred.
  • Clinical/ technical skills in his/ her specialty.

Person Specifications :

  • Excellent interpersonal skills with all staff, patients and families.
  • Awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences.
  • Ability to work effectively within a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Ability to work effectively within a service and organisation committed to achieving accreditation.
Job Benefits: 
  • Salary Paid tax free
  • Incentives
  • End of contract bonus
  • Severance Pay
  • Free furnished accommodation with free recreation, sports and cultural facilities
  • Free transportation service
  • Up to 7.5 weeks paid annual leave per contract year
  • Up to 2 return airline tickets per contract year (including agreed dependents)
  • Free medical care & emergency dental care (including agreed dependents)
  • Educational Allowance per child (Maximum of 3 children, 4-18 years)
  • Study Leave of 10 working days per contract year and CPD courses

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