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Job Description

Job Description: 

Work as specialist cardiologist under the supervision of consultant cardiologist. Follow all hospital administrative and medical policies and procedures. Any other assignment given by the Supervisor or the management

Duties and responsibilities

  • Look after patients admitted to the unit either in the ward or I.C.U. Go with the consultant on rounds in daily basis. Answering consultation in E.R. from general practitioner or other specialties and admitting patients if it is necessary. Covering on-call duties according to the schedule.
  • Performing clinical procedures under the supervision of the consultant. He/She might be asked by the consultant to run the Out-patient clinic if needs arise. Perform the following procedures: Peripheral and central I.V. access, Temporary pacemaker, Exercise stress test and Thrombolytic therapy.
  • Leads the Code Blue team. Do E.C.G. interpretation in all units. He/She may suggest to his/her Consultants any ideas that may raise the quality of work in the department. Attends Continuing Education, Infection Control and Performance Improvement programs to keep updated with the current practices.
  • Provides full explanation regarding the plan of care and the available treatment options to the patient and care giver in a simple language.
  • Encourages the patient and care giver to participate in taking decisions affecting the course of treatment.
  • Provides educational materials related to the case for the patient and care giver.
  • Plans the educational session with the patient and family after checking their willingness to learn and their learning preferences.
Job Requirements: 
  • Graduate from an approved medical school with Master degree in Cardiology.
  • Current medical license.
  • Valid SCFHS license and valid BCLS certification.
  • Two years experience as Specialist Cardiologist in a reputed hospital.
  • Customer service focused.
  • Capable to work under pressure.
  • Intermediate computer skills (Windows and Microsoft)
  • English language
Job Benefits: 
  • High Salary 25%-45% from the revenue
  • Percentages from the annual turnover
  • Permanent and part time contracts
  • Flexible working hours (even weekends and bank holidays)
  • Free medical care & emergency dental care
  • Free Malpractice Insurance
  • Ticket restaurant 8€/day and other working benefits
  • Support for the licensing in France
  • On place support with all administrative and other issues including e.g. housing, schools for children, etc

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