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Job Description

Job Description: 

This post exists to provide a specialist service in Endodontics to the dental and medical staff, for the purpose of the referral of patients requiring specialized endodontic therapy.


Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Examines diagnoses and undertakes treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and periapical tissues in relation to the overall treatment for the patient.
  • Supervision and co-ordination of the activities of Resident GP Dentists, related to the specialty of Endodontics.
  • Promotion of and participation in the educational activities of the Center, continuing education for all staff, with particular emphasis on mentoring and tuition for Saudi Residents.
  • Performance of all existing duties of a Consultant in the Dental Center.
  • Contributes to the administrative and organizational activities of the Department and Provides a clinical service in his/her specialty during the hours established by the Dental Center, as well as on-call availability in general clinical dentistry.
  • Evaluates referred patients in order to determine the diagnosis.
  • Outlines a treatment plan, and then executes that which is necessary to achieve the desired result. It may be necessary to refer the patient to the hygienist, general dentist or other specialists in order to supplement and enhance the result of the specialty service.
  • Performs clinical work in a well-equipped dental surgery with access to such facilities as may be necessary i.e., radiography, dental laboratory, hospital laboratory, etc. Provides responsibility for the care of patients.
  • Promotes the highest standard of specialty care and supports the education of Saudi dentists in the specialty.
  • Supervises less experienced staff to ensure high standards of dental care.
  • Acts as a role model to less experienced dentists in the performance of clinical duties.
  • Responsible for maintaining a sufficient stock of instruments and materials necessary for the practice of the specialty.
  • Support the quality assurance activities of the team and actively contribute to the identification of needed improvement in current service provision and strategies for introducing these.
  • Participates in the Environmental Safety Awareness, i.e. CPR, Fire and Safety, Infection Control and major disaster plan of the hospital as indicated.
  • Ensures continuous quality improvement and patient safety with full compliance to Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation Standards.
  • Participates and contributes to Continuous Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, System Improvement, System Control, Staff Development and Fire and Safety Practices.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Performs other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities.

Education and Qualifications:

  • A Bachelor Degree in dentistry from a recognized University.
  • A two (2) to three (3) years Master Degree in Endodontics from a recognized University.
  • A PhD or board passer in Endodontics from a recognized University.
  • Recognition by a governmental agency of the home country (federal, state, provincial) inferring the right to practice dentistry and/or the specialty.
  • The individual will make available the results of any malpractice litigation within the last 5 years.

Person Specification:

  • Demonstrated teaching skills in respect of junior medical staff, other staff, patients and their families.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with all staff, patients and families.
  • Awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences.
  • Ability to work effectively within a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Ability to work effectively within a service and organisation committed to achieving accreditation.
Job Benefits: 
  • High Salary 25%-45% from the revenue
  • Percentages from the annual turnover
  • Permanent and part time contracts
  • Flexible working hours (even weekends and bank holidays)
  • Free medical care & emergency dental care
  • Free Malpractice Insurance
  • Ticket restaurant 8€/day and other working benefits
  • Support for the licensing in France
  • On place support with all administrative and other issues including e.g. housing, schools for children, etc

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